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Marlene Bateman Sullivan

I do a limited number of speaking engagements each year. If you want to inquire about availability, email me and put “Speaking Engagement” in the subject line so your email doesn’t go to junk mail.

I am happy to speak about aspects of the writing process. You can come up with your own topic, or use any of the following;

  • Writing and Researching Non-fiction
  • Plotting Your Novel
  • You’re Written A Book; Now What?—How to Find a Publisher
  • Writing Suspense and Mysteries—Plots to Die For!
  • The Power of Outlining—Write Smarter and Faster!

I am also available to speak on inspirational topics. You can choose your specific topic or choose from the following; 

  • Near-death Experiences in Early Church History.
  • Pioneers—Faith in Every Footstep
  • Heroes and Heroines in Early Church History
  • Pioneer Women—Extraordinary Women of Faith
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