ISBN 978-1621088981

Category: Romance

Pages: 260

Publisher: Covenant Communications

Retail Price: $16.99

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Kenzie has big plans—the only problem is she hasn’t told anyone about them. One of them is to buy the house she grew up in—the home her brother, Tom, recently put up for sale. When she arrives in Lake Forest for Christmas vacation, Kenzie is shocked to find that her brother has accepted an offer on the house she desperately wanted to buy. 

Unwilling to give up her plans, Kenzie tries over and over to wrest the house from the man who made the offer, a handsome widower named Jared Phillips. Although Kenzie is attracted to the man—and the feelings seem reciprocated—it’s impossible to even think about getting into a relationship with the man who is taking away the house she has to have. Although Jared finds himself drawn to Kenzie, he is cool and suspicious when she tries to get the house through what he considers underhanded tricks. Then comes an astounding revelation, which sets in motion a true Christmas miracle. 

As a special bonus, seven delicious cookie recipes are included.